Fisher Price awarded prestigious Moorside contract

Plans are back on track for Moorside as nuclear chiefs today revealed that the multi-million-pound construction project will be overseen by Fisher Price.

Progress on the build had previously stalled as Japanese techno-boffins Toshiba unceremoniously withdrew their investment – but after putting the contract out for tender, MuGen top brass unanimously decided on the American toy manufacturer as a suitable replacement.

MuGen development executive Hector Pipelag commented: “Fisher Price is a company that most of us have grown up with, and we’re confident that they can fulfil our expectations on time and under budget.”

The Shitehaven Views were afforded a sneak peek at the new Moorside build plans, and can confirm at-a-glance that:

  • Site will be constructed out of 6 MILLION ‘Mega Bloks’
  • Core reactor computer system will feature a microchip to rival Speak & Spell
  • Telephone system overhaul – all phones to feature wheels and a smiley face

Although the contract is set to be signed by the weekend, rival firm Chad Valley is expected to register an expression of interest within the next 24 hours, fuelling speculation that a race-to-the-bottom bidding war is about to take place.


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