Anti-Jam campaigners protest against preserve production facility

BUSYBODIES: Anti-jam campaigners yesterday

A HANDFUL OF HALFWITS and a harbourside goose were out in force yesterday afternoon to protest against proposed plans for an undersea jam mine.

Roberston’s Jam is planning for crude raspberry preserve to be extracted off the coast of Workington and moved via a series of pulleys and levers to a processing unit on the former Marchon site at Kells.

But campaigners believe that a preserve development facility may put residents of the area at risk of being labelled “jam-eaters”.

Barney, a professional goose, honked: “We’ve travelled all the way up mount steps to stand in opposition of the jam factory. We will not abide jam being manufactured in Copeland. We are not, never have been, and never will be jam-eaters.”

However, a spokesperson for Roberston’s has labelled the harbourside gander’s comments as “anti-jametic”, arguing that the proposed facility could bring prosperity to the area.

When questioned by The Shitehaven Views, Robertson’s head of resourcing Richard Promotional-Golli refused to comment further – but hinted at suggestions that the company may be willing to reach a compromise with residents by installing a marmalade or chutney production unit instead.

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